Antique Furniture Protection; Air Curtain and Dehumidifiers

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It is important to cure and reserve our antique properties or furniture’s, it should be considered that antique furniture should not be cared or repaired in the same manner as modern home furnishing. There are many factors such as UV light, sunlight, hot air, relative humidity, moisture and insects/pests that affect the Antique Furniture.

Factors affecting the antique furniture/material

  • Ultraviolet light; causes damages to antiques.
  • Sun light; can degrade early finishes, wood and fabrics for antique furniture.
  • Relative Humidity; changes in the relative humidity can cause wood to expand and contract, it can cause glue joints to loosen, drawers and doors to drag or become stuck in their opening. And this extended period of high humidity can lead to mold growth, rot and insect infestation.
  • Hot Air; heat can cause shrinking that can loosen glue joints, veneers, inlays and marquetry.
  • Insects and Pests; wood, leather, fabrics and upholstery materials such as horsehair can be inviting to insects to insects and other small pests.

Air Curtains are aerodynamically designed air blowers generating a laminar stream of air. Air Curtain creates an uniform invisible barrier of high velocity air to divide different environments or clean, cool or dry various components.

The powerful stream of air that is produced by Air Curtain/Fly Fan is an excellent deterrent to insects. Sanitation maintenance applications require these Air curtains/Fly fans that prevent airborne insects from entering. For fly and insect control, the Air curtain projects the high velocity air jets across the opening, deflecting and prohibiting the entrance on unsanitary insects, thereby maintaining sanitary conditions.

Air curtains are the best device to control the indoor climate in all the places .These are used not only to prevent cold air from pushing its way in, but also prevent warm air from going outside the door.

Dehumidifiers are used to control the level of humidity in the antique furniture environment which is used for the storage and to prevent the growth of mold and fungus on the Antique furniture. Mold only requires a bit of moisture to grow, and it can set up shop at a place as soon as one of its airborne spores finds a hospitably damp surface. Dehumidifier also eliminates condensation and subsequent corrosion.

Some other methods which are used for Antique Furniture care

  • Avoid placing Antique Furniture in front of a window or direct sunlight.
  • Avoid placing Antiques near air conditioning and heating vents.
  • Do not place Antique Furniture near fireplaces and stoves.
  • Blot up spills immediately.
  • Dust regularly using a lint free cloth.

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