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triple thermal shock test chamber
Triple Thermal Shock Test Chamber
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Integrated threshold value monitoring system for hot and cold chamber

easy to install

Minimum energy consumption

No compressed air required

User Friendliness

Acmas Technologies offers several configurations of Double Thermal Shock Test Chamber capable of meeting a wide variety of testing needs. Our units consist of two independently controlled chambers, one hot and one cold. These are positioned on top of each other. The temperature shock is achieved by rapid transferring the samples from one chamber to the other. The rate of temperature change is controlled by a mechanical change of position between three test zones with independent temperature settings.

Moreover Weiber Double temperature shock test chambers have been designed to operate in accordance with reliability programs, quality control, commercial test programs and military tests.


The equipment uses digital PID microprocessor based controllers for highly precise temperature control and speed adjustment. The incubator shakers allow both high speed spot shaking as well as slow rotation at large amplitude. The equipment can be timed for specific applications and it can also run continuously using variable speed control for precise control of the rotation speed. It features an easy to read LED display that displays the operating time, rotation speed and working temperature simultaneously to allow better monitoring and control.

The mini shaking incubators from Weiber use high quality construction materials for a sturdy, non-corrosive construction and feature a clear, acrylic, dark grey lid that allows visual monitoring of the samples without disturbing the internal environment. These easy to use equipments feature a convenient, small table size design and come equipped with variable flask and tube support for accommodating various sizes of vessels. Their unique retractable platform allows easy loading and unloading of samples and the variable plate allows accommodation of flasks, beakers, test tubes and bottles of various sizes. The units are provided with a safety interlock to stop the shaking motion once the lid is opened and resume when the lid is closed. The incubators are also provided with an over-temperature protection feature that prevents the temperature from exceeding beyond the set limits and are equipped with independent audio and visual alarms to alert the user in case of an emergency.

  • Small Table size design
  • Variable Flask & Tube Support
  • Unique retractable platform for easy loading and unloading
  • Versatile applications
  • Economical usage
  • Advanced shaking mechanism for adequate agitation and aeration
  • Suitable for timed as well as continuous applications
  • Digital PID microprocessor based controllers for precise temperature control
  • Easy to read, digital LED display for actual and set parameters
  • An over-temperature protection feature with independent thermostat
  • Beltless Drum Mechanism for increased efficiency
  • Brushless DC motor for reduced noise and trouble-free, long-lasting operation
  • 10RPM slow speed Support
  • Can be timed or runs in continuous mode
  • Timer for setting operating time up to 99 hours
  • An interlock stops motion when the lid is open
  • ISO certified

Temperature range

Ambient + 5°C to 60°C

Speed range

10 – 350 RPM


LED display

Temperature controller

Digital P.I.D controller

Circulation Fan

90mm convection fan


Brushless DC motor


220V, 2A, 450W, 60 Hz

Safety Device

Over temperature controller


99 Hr. & Hold for long run

Standard plate

250ml X 9EA


ISO certified

Dimension (IN)

310 x 320 x 210(H)mm


320 x 400 x 280(H)mm


Acrylic dark grey

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