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The reach-in plant growth chambers from Weiber use advanced technology and a highly efficient design to provide highly precise and accurate climatic conditions for various research and testing applications. These equipments are designed while keeping in mind the current industry needs and offer a wide temperature range and lighting patterns, allowing their use for highly versatile applications. They can provide ideal climatic conditions to meet the growth requirements of all crop plants, cereals or trees and are available as smaller bench-top plant growth chambers as well as large capacity units, accommodating all kinds of specific requirements, budgets and space availability. These economical units are designed for flexible operation and can be used for both routine laboratory applications as well as high-end plant physiology research that require highly precise control of the operating parameters. The standard and customized growth chambers from Acmas Technologies Pvt. Ltd. are most commonly employed for plant production, plant pathology research, bio-engineering and pharmaceutical research and find widespread usage in scientific and research laboratories, educational institutes and agricultural laboratories.


These equipments are basically double-walled heated and convection units that feature highly resistant and non-corrosive high grade SS 304 stainless steel interiors and rust proof external surfaces made up of powder coated PCRC sheets. They use high grade mineral glass wool fibrous insulation or efficient polyurethane foam insulation between the walls for maximum thermal efficiency. These climatic chambers use stainless steel sheathed air heaters, placed in conditioning plenum for indirect heating of the equipment. They are also provided with efficient fans and motor for maintaining a uniform air circulation. The indirect heating system prevents the samples from heat damage, whereas the continuous air circulation ensures greater temperature homogeneity. The units also come equipped with an efficient refrigeration system comprising of completely sealed hermetic compressors and partially sealed semi-hermetic compressors and non-CFC refrigerants. The units use cascade refrigeration system that ensures reduction in the refrigeration charge and reduced carbon foot print.

These customized plant growth chambers use a PLC based HMI interactive control panel for efficient temperature control. They use non-dispersive infra-red sensors with an integrated analysis system for monitoring the CO2 levels. The control system provides highly precise control of the working temperature, illumination levels, relative humidity and CO2 concentration within the equipment and may also be equipped for recording all controlled parameters, allowing repeatability of test conditions. The units feature a user-friendly colour touch screen panel for ease of use and maximum flexibility. These agriculture climate test chambers feature an RS 232 computer interface for PC connectivity and also come equipped with a wide array of safety features for safe and reliable operation of the equipment. These growth chambers from Weiber are CE and ISO certified for safety and quality.

  • Highly reliable and safe operation
  • Aesthetic design
  • Easy to clean, non-corrosive surfaces
  • Economical and energy efficient units
  • Microprocessor based controllers
  • User-friendly touch screen
  • PLC based HMI interactive control panel for efficient temperature control
  • Non-dispersive infra-red sensors with an integrated analysis system for monitoring CO2 levels
  • Hermetic and semi-hermetic compressors and CFC free refrigerants
  • RS 232C interface

Temperature range

5 Degree to 50 degree Centigrade (without irradiation) and 10 Degree to 50 Degree Centigrade (with irradiation)

Temperature Sensor

PT 100

Temperature Control

The temperature is efficiently controlled by PLC based HMI interactive control panel

Humidity range

20% to 80% relative humidity

CO2 range

300-5,000 ppm

CO2 Sensor

Nondispersive infrared (NDIR) gas sensors, it is a highly integrated analysis system for monitoring respiratory carbon dioxide concentration.

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