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Industrial Test Chamber

Industrial Test Chamber


Pipe Rain Test Chamber

The rain water or moisture penetrating through a leak in the case, can often reach into the circuit board and lead to failure of the equipment.the automotive industries and various research.

Ozone Climatic Test Chamber

Ozone is a highly reactive and unstable form of oxygen that is present in small concentrations in both the stratosphere and the troposphere.

Drip Box Testing Chamber

The Drip Box Testing Chambers from Weiber are rain test machines used for testing the outer protection of signal devices, external lighting.The equipment finds widespread usage in electronics industry

Sulphur Dioxide Test Chamber

The Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) Test Chambers from Weiber are Corrosion Test Chambers used for testing the corrosion resistance of metallic. They are used to create a highly corrosive environment.

Rustproof Grease Humidity Test Chamber

Weiber Rust Proof Grease Humidity Testing Chamber is Corrosion Test Chambers that are used to simulate high or low humidity conditions.These high low humidity simulationed.

High Low Alternating Temperature Humidity Test Chamber

Weiber Altitude Test Chambers combine temperature and altitude to test basic components or subassemblies designed.With altitude test chambers.

High Or Low Temperature Test Chamber

Weiber High Or Low Temperature Test Chambers are climatic test chambers, designed to simulate highly precise high and low temperature environments.

Constant Temperature & Constant Humidity Test Chamber

The constant temperature humidity test chambers from Weiber are environmental test chambers, designed to simulate constant climatic

Precise Drying Test Chamber

The precise drying test chambers from Weiber are environmental test chambers, designed to simulate high circulation, low temperature environments.

Computer Control Vibrating Test Chamber

The computer control vibrating test chambers from Weiber are specially designed equipments that help in determining the

Walkin Cold Room

Weiber for various applications where controlled conditions of temperature, humidity and illumination are required such as in tissue culture.

Tray Drying Chamber

The tray drying chambers from Weiber are conventional heating units that are commonly employed for drying fruits, vegetables, herbs, roots

UV Weather Resistance Test Chamber

The UV weather resistance test chambers from Weiber are specially designed equipments that are used for the testing .

Finger Print Testing Chamber

The fingerprint testing chambers from Weiber are designed to accelerate ninhydrin, DFO, and others .


Weiber Incubator is designed to perform lot of experimental works in cell biology, microbiology and molecular biology and is used to culture both bacterial

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