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Recirculation Laminar Air Flow
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WEIBER RECIRCULATION LAMINAR AIR FLOW SYSTEM uses internal air by means of recirculation.These systems are ideal solution for laboratory testing, low risk pharmaceutical compounding and more. They are most suitable for bacteriological, toxicology, where the presence of highly air borne particles, bacterial and viral need to be controlled to provide clean working conditions. The system also known as Ceiling Laminar Air Flow.

Our unit has unique airflow system that ensures consistent airflow and HEPA filter loading, significantly improving filter life. It provides reasonable user protection with its b air barrier containment thus, reducing pharmacists or operators fatigue which in turn increases user safety.


Ceiling Recirculation Module

Ceiling recirculation module are placed in the intermediate ceiling of the area. Recirculation models are equipped, with fluff separator, pre-filter, sound absorber, cool battery dry cooling (option), ventilator and a sound absorber. It extracts the air from the periphery and bring it back into the canopy above the HEPA filters. Depending on the total (recirculation) air volume the quantity of recirculation modules are selected.

Wall recirculation module

Wall recirculation modules can be placed in front or integrated in the wall. Wall Recirculation modules are equipped, with steel plated grill, pre-filter, sound absorber, fan, end-sound absorber and cooling battery (option). The recirculation module extracts the air from the periphery and bring it back into the canopy above the HEPA filters. Depending on the total (recirculation) air volume the quantity of recirculation modules are selected.

  • 2 options- ceiling and wall recirculation models available
  • Larger working area
  • Easy to use
  • Accurate functioning
  • Microprocessor based controls.
  • Sturdy Construction
  • HEPA filter for better efficiency
  • Microprocessor based controls
  1. The equipment is fabricated made from rectangular/square pipe than fix with water proof thick board covered with mica. Table top is covered with stainless steel (SS-316) sheet. Front door is folding type &Side panel are fixed and made of clear thick plexi glass sheet.
  2. Illumination- The working is illuminated by fluorescent lightings fitted to the unit. Moreover optimal wattage ultra violet light is also incorporated into the illumination panel of our laminar air flow that ensures high standard of cleanliness in our equipments.
  3. Noise level- recirculation laminar air flow bench are fabricated to ensure minimum possible noise and vibration levels.
Cabinet construction SS-304
Frequency 630*538*550
Nominal voltage 220-230 volts
Air flow Unidirectional
Noise pressure(dB) (A) <54dB
Pre filter unit Washable pre filter unit
Illumination Fluorescent light illumination greater than 800 lux
Power Requirements
500-750 watts

Standard Models

Model No. Size (LXW)
ACM-917A 900X900
ACM- 917B 1200X900
ACM- 917C 1200X1200
ACM- 917D 1200X2400

Customizable sizes are also available

  1. Bio-assays and sterility testing
  2. Microbiological manipulations
  3. Animal husbandry
  4. Biotechnology
  5. microelectronics
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