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WEIBER polymerase chain reaction cabinets (PCR cabinets) are used for contamination control and simplification of PCR process. Each PCR Cabinet provides HEPA filtered vertical laminar flow to purge the work area of contaminants between amplifications and during preparatory procedures. An integrated UV lamp enables rapid decontamination of the work zone between experiments and prevents cross-contamination. The Cabinet also known as PCR Station, PCR Enclosures and PCR Hood.

  • IEST-RP-CC002
  • ISO 14644.1 Class 4
  • AS 1386 Class 2.5
  • JIS B9920 Class 4
  • IEST-RP-CC034
  • IEST-RP-CC007
  • IEST-RP-CC001
  • EN1822 (H13)
  • IEC 61010-1
  • EN 61010-1
  • UL-61010-1
  1. Vertical laminar airflow with a large filter covering the entire work zone within the cabinet for better protection against cross contamination, as compared to conventional dead-air boxes.
  2. ISO class 4 air cleanliness.
  3. High-quality polyester pre-filter and main HEPA filter with a typical efficiency of 99.99% at 0.3 microns provide the best product protection in the world; typical HEPA filter life span is more than 3 years depending on operating conditions and total number of hours in use.
  4. Airflow monitoring
  5. Unique pre-filter change alarm and UV lamp replacement alarm make the cabinet the safest and the most user-friendly PCR cabinet on the market.
  6. Fully programmable with microprocessor based controls(HMI+PLC control as an option)
  7. The built-in power outlets allow operation of equipment for use in PCR application.
  8. Aesthetically designed-Designed according to the standards and principles underlining industry’s aesthetic values.
  9. Corrosion Resistant interior and exteriors-Corrosion resistant coatings like epoxy coatings are applied inside and outside the cabinet to prevent against degradation due to moisture, salt spray, oxidation or exposure to a variety of environmental or industrial chemicals/ corrosive agents.
  10. Energy Efficient – WEIBER PCR cabinets uses less energy to provide the same level of performance, comfort and convenience, thus making it energy conserving.
  11. Sturdy Construction-PCR cabinetsare built with robustness to withstand stress and strain, giving it long life and ability to perform in extreme stress environments.

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is a process where millions of copies of DNA are amplified from a single copy, or low copy number template. This reaction is used in all laboratories working with DNA and RNA.

Because of the high copy number generated during PCR, it is essential to prevent possible contamination of the PCR reaction.Reagents should be prepared in the reagent preparation area and transferred to the sample preparation area, through a pass box, or inside closed containers. After preparation of the final reaction mix, the tubes should be transferred to the amplification area, again through a pass box or in a closed container. The PCR amplification and results analysis takes place in this area.

To guarantee contaminant-free samples, it is essential to work in an environment where the air quality is controlled. This should form part of the equipment in the sample preparation area.

Construction Details - fabricated of industrial grade stainless steel grade SS-304 or PCRC body as desired. The inner portion painted with epoxy paint coating for extra-long life. The side panels made glass sheets are mounted on anodized aluminum frames.

Noise Level - Cabinets are designed to ensure minimum possible noise and vibration levels.

Filter Assembly

laminar air flows are fitted with fully washable synthetic pre-filter units and secondary high efficiency air filters made of mini pleated non-woven fabric. The efficiency of filters have a rating of better than 99.99% at DOP (cold) and 99.97% at DOP (Hot). Filter units have the capacity to hold all suspended particles of size greater than 0.3 micron.

Motor and Blower Assembly

laminar air flow units are provided with perfectly balanced (Static as well as dynamic) motor and blower motors bearing ISI mark. The rating of the assembly is 1/5 HP. high efficiency pumps which have life log lubricated bearings ensure a trouble free operation for a long time.

Ultra Violet Light

Optimal wattage ultra violet light is incorporated in the illumination panel of laminar air flow to take care of the sterilization of the existing air present in the enclosure, thus ensuring the high standard of cleanliness

External dimensions (WXDXH)mm Internal dimensions (WXDXH)mm
730*617*950 630*538*550
1035*617*950 935*538*550

Customizable sizes are also available.

Laminar Airflow Velocity 0.275 - 0.325 m/s (54-64 fpm)
Sound Emission* <63dB
Fluorescent Lamps Intensity
>800 Lux
Controller Microprocessor control
Load 1-3A
Nominal power 136-260 W
Weight 76.5-115 kg approx.
  1. Research application
  2. DNA/RNA study

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