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WEIBER Blast Freezer are used for instant freezing of blood plasma, food products etc. it freezes the blood plasma and other samples to -20oC in not less than 60 min. Chest Freezer offer a breakthrough insample preparation for use prior to cold storage including flexible design, accelerated air flow and a self-contained refrigeration system. Slow freezing forms big ice crystals in the product. The crystals are forming cells and destroy the structure of the product but in blast freezer Fast freezing forms many small ice crystals which keeps the original product safe.

  • 93/42/EEC directive and amendments
  • BS 4376-2:1996
  1. Microprocessor based control system.(HMI+PLC optional)
  2. Defrost cycle can be initiated to shut down the compressor and keep the cabinet defrost free.
  3. Ergonomic and easy to use.
  4. Superior freezing shelves and anodized aluminum plates
  5. Fully programmable PLC and USB ports for PC connectivity.
  6. RS 232/485 connectivity
  7. CFC/HCFC-free refrigerants maximize cooling and minimize environmental impact
  8. chart recorder for better temperature monitoring (optional)
  9. Corrosion resistant interior and exterior
  10. Incident monitor provides visual and audible warnings of system abnormalities for increased sample protection.
  11. Digital display and direct settings for maintaining desired operations.
  12. Castors for ease of movement
  13. Lockable hinged doors

Weiber Blast Freezer is double walled cooled units. Outer body of our laboratory refrigerators are constructed out of thick PCRC, pre coated corrosion resistant GI sheet duly pre-treated with primers and rust proofing and painted with long lasting stove enamel or elegantly powder coated. The inner construction is made of stainless steel sheet-304. The 100 mm gap between the walls is filled high grade polyurethane insulation, which ensures maximum thermal efficiency.

  1. Cooling:
  2. An energy efficient cooling unit is installed in our freezer. We use high end CFC free compressors of Kirloskar/Tecumseh / Bitzer/ Danfoss make, conforming to latest international standards and guidelines.


    • Capacity modulation and precision cooling
    • High Energy Efficiency
    • Compact
    • Proven Technology
    • Wide Voltage Range
    • Superior quality wear resistant part
    • Improved SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) - improved SEER gives more efficiency.

  3. Cooling medium: air cooled CFC free refrigerants.
  4. Temperature Range: Temperature range is -10o C to -20o C controlled controlled by nanotechnology based microprocessor temperature controller.
  5. Alarm System:
    • Power failure or temperature deviation triggers audible and visual warning.
    • Automatic Incident Monitor identifies temperature deviation beyond alarm setpoints.
    • System includes adjustable safety alarm with automatic, continuous charge battery backup and digital battery indicator.
    • System includes touchpad alarm test function RS-232 data port with system software.
    • Exterior alarm contacts for connection to remote monitoring system.
  6. Monitoring System:
    • Lifeguard compressor protection to monitor performance and automatically adjust to internal and external conditions
    • Extreme Ambient Alert that warns if room temperature can affect performance
    • Voltage Boost Indicator that advises of low source voltage below safe parameters and indicates voltage boost system is activated
    • On-board power monitoring with digital readout of incoming line voltage
    • Built-in surge suppressor
    • "Clean Filter" indicator
  7. Doors:
    • Heavy-duty counterbalanced lid with integrated keyed lock and independent sublids
    • Double-seal lid gaskets minimize frost buildup
    • Right hand side hinged door in upright models
  8. Motor
    • ½ HP externally mounted motor provides maximum and efficient airflow throughout the cabinet.



Upright model

Volume (L) Exterior dimension (WXDXH)mm Interior dimensions (WXDXH)mm
120 846 x 1981 x 940 584 x 978 x 429
610 800 x 815 x 945 660 x 640 x 330
1000 800 x 815 x 1645 660 x 640 x 870

Customizable sizes are also available.


Cabinet model

Volume (L) Exterior dimension (WXDXH)mm Interior dimensions (WXDXH)mm
180 860*1160*1120 500*500*640
292 1753*737*1080 894*483*674
380 1320*1160*1120 1000*500*640

Customizable sizes are also available.


Temperature range -0°C to -2°C
Accuracy ±1 °C
Power Requirements 220/230V, 50Hz
Controller Microprocessor based
Chart recorder 7-day optional
Insulation Polyurethane foam
Compressor Air cooled
Display LCD
Defrost option Provided
Specimen protection Provided
Outer construction Thick PCRC
Inner construction Stainless steel



  1. Hospitals
  2. Blood banks
  3. Research institutes
  4. Ice cream industries
  5. Food processing
  6. restaurants
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