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WEIBER Biological Safety Cabinet Class III are among the most effective and most commonly used primary containment devices in laboratories working with infectious agents. They act as primary barriers to prevent the escape of biological aerosols into the laboratory environment. The Biological Safety Cabinet Class 3, generally only installed in maximum containment laboratories, is specifically designed for work with pathogenic agents, providing maximum protection. The enclosure is gas-tight Gloves attached to the front prevent direct contact with hazardous materials (Cabinet Class III are sometimes called glove box). These custom-built cabinets often attach into a line, and the lab equipment installed inside is usually custom-built as well.

The BioSafety Cabinet Class III is a totally enclosed ventilated cabinet of gas-tight construction. Operations within the Class III cabinet are conducted through attached rubber gloves. When in use, the Class III cabinet is maintained through negative air pressure of at least 0.5 inches water gauge. Supply air is drawn into the cabinet through HEPA filters. The cabinet exhaust air is filtered by two HEPA filters, installed in series, before discharge outside of the facility. The exhaust fan for the Class III cabinet is generally separate from the exhaust fans of the facility's ventilation system.

  • NSF / ANSI 49
  • NSF / ANSI 49
  • EN 12469
  • JIS K 3800
  • SFDA YY-0569
  • ISO 14644.1
  • JIS B9920
  • JIS BS5295
  • EN-1822 (H14
  • IEST-RP-CC001.3
  • IEST-RP-CC007
  • IEST-RP-CC034.1
  • UL-C-61010A-1
  • CSA22.2, No.1010-192
  • EN-61010-1
  • IEC61010-1
  1. Stainless front window with 5 mm thickness transparent glass
  2. Powder coated electro galvanized steel main body
  3. Remote control operation
  4. UV lamp timer
  5. Floor Standing, portable & mobile
  6. Double wall plenums for protection
  7. Microprocessor based control(HMI+PLC optional)
  8. Reliable
  9. Precise Control of Environmental
  10. Aesthetically designed
  11. Corrosion Resistant interior and exteriors
  12. Sturdy Construction

  • Ambient air is pulled into the cabinet through a disposable pre-filter, trapping larger particles and prolonging the life of main filter. Air is then passed through the downflow HEPA/ULPA filter into the work zone as a vertical laminar flow air stream, bathing the work surface in clean air.
  • The uniform non-turbulent air stream protects against cross contamination within and throughout the work area.
  • Near the work surface, the downflow air stream splits and exits the cabinet through perforations around the perimeter of the work zone.
  • Air from work zone passes through the first HEPA/ULPA exhaust filter below the work surface, before traveling through internal ducting and exhausting to the laboratory environment after passing through the second exhaust filter.

All class III biosafety cabinets are usually of welded metal construction and are designed to be gas tight. Moreover long, heavy-duty rubber gloves are attached in a gas-tight manner to ports in the cabinet that allow direct manipulation of the materials isolated inside and prevent the user's direct contact with the hazardous materials. Noise Level - The Class 3 Biosafety cabinets are designed to ensure minimum possible noise and vibration levels.

Illumination - The microprocessor based units are provided with fluorescent light panel concealed at the upper portion of the unit along with germicidal UV lamp that is located behind control panel away from line of sight. This light arrangement conforms to the guidelines laid down in US federal standard, thus ensuring high level of cleanliness in our equipments.

Blower System: The Airstream blower system is designed for high performance operation, maximum energy efficiency and minimal maintenance.

Weiber Bio safety containment hoods are NABL certified, CE marked, and have also acquired NSF certification. Biological Safety Cabinets provide personnel, product and environmental protection from hazardous particulates.

Working sizes

  • 900*600*678
  • 1200*600*678
  • 1500*600*678
  • 1800*600*678
  • Customizable sizes are also available
Cabinet construction Stainless steel / PCRC Powder Coated Sheet
Operating Temperature 10-50
Operating relative humidity <95% (25oC)
Atmospheric pressure 120 Pa
Illumination level >800
Noise pressure(dB) (A) <65 db
Air supply filter Washable
Differential pressure Indicating range 0-500
Differential pressure indicating precision + 1% 
Power Requirements 500-750 watts
  1. Clinical laboratory processes
  2. Biotechnology
  3. Pharmaceutical industry
  4. General health care sectors
  5. R&D and industrial sectors
  6. Bacteria & virus handling
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