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General Purpose Lab Centrifuge


Centrifugation is a process that involves the use of the centrifugal force for the separation of mixtures, used in industry and in laboratory settings. More-dense components of the mixture migrate away from the axis of the centrifuge, while less-dense components of the mixture migrate towards the axis.

Computer Controlled High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge are useful for centrifugation of temperature sensitive material and find applications in routine and research work in auxiliary laboratories in industry, Educational & Research institutions, Bio Technology, Medical Laboratories, Hospitals, Blood Banks, Pharmaceutical laboratories etc. Brushless induction motor with frequency drive & unique automatic rotor identification ensures accurate speed setting for individual rotors. Over current overheating safety cut off circuit is provided for motor protection. Safety lid interlock on the centrifuge ensures that the rotor does not run with cover open while the cover cannot be opened unless rotor comes to complete halt. A unique safety feature of automatic rotor identification ensures proper speed setting for individual rotors to avoid danger of over speed running. Advanced manufacturing techniques are used for resilient mounting of heavy-duty brushless induction motor resulting in low level of vibration and noise. The products also knowns as High Speed Cooling Centrifuge and High Speed Low Temperature Centrifuge.

  • The maximum speed is 25000r/min and Maximum RCF of 64800xg.
  • Equipped with the functions for indication of the centrifugal acceleration (x g) and for operation under the preset centrifugal acceleration as standard specifications.
  • Interlocking mechanism is being employed as the door locking means.
  • Equipped with the alarm indication function and automatic stopping Function.
  • Abundant time settings are available starting from units of seconds to the “hold” range.
  • Large LCD display provides all visual information.
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Brushless motor drive, maintenance free.
  • Bio-containment rotors, and safe.
  • Special double cooling air design, minimizes rotor heating
  • -20°C TO - 40°C temperature range
  • Powerful compressor and cooling system, fast cooling
  • Pulse operation for quick spins
  • Automatic door lock
  • Over-speed detection
  • Over-temperature detector
Max speed 25000r/min
Max RCF 64800xg (24x1.5/2ml 25000r/min)
Max capacity 4x1000ml
Speed accuracy +/-30r/min
Acc/Dec time The time of Acc/Dec can be set freely
The fastest Acc time 1min30s(0-25000r/min)
The fastest Dec time 1min40s(25000r/min-0)
Temperature setting range -20OC TO -40OC
Temperature accuracy +/- 1 degree
Refrigeration system Non-Freon Refrigeration System
Time range 0-23h59min
Power supply AC220V 50Hz
Noise Lower than 65dB(A)
Dimension 710x820x950mm(LxWxH)
Weight 290kg


Number Rotor Speed(RPM) RCF(XG) Capacity Remark
NO1 Angle rotor 25000 64800 24x1.5/2ml Aluminum alloy
NO2 Angle rotor 23000 60460 18x10ml Aluminum alloy
NO3 Angle rotor 21000 52356 8x50ml Aluminum alloy
21000 52356 Titanium alloy
NO4 Angle rotor 15000 33800 4x250ml Aluminum alloy
NO5 Angle rotor 14000 30070 6x250ml Aluminum alloy
NO6 Angle rotor 10000 17700 6x500ml Aluminum alloy
NO7 Angle rotor 8000 12040 4x1000ml Aluminum alloy
NO8 Swing rotor 5000 5470 4x750ml  
NO9 Micro plate Rotor 4000 3040 4x2x96 well  

Swing rotor 10000 15680 6x50ml Aluminum alloy
NO11 Angle rotor 14000 30070 12x50ml Aluminum alloy
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